Herbal Consultation

Julia is a qualified Medical Herbalist graduating with a honor’s degree from the College of Phytotherapy in 1999.A Member of the College of Practitioners of Phototherapy (MCPP) and with diplomas in Nutrition and Therapeutic Massage, Julia has taught at the School of Herbal Medicine, lectured at Westminster and East London Universities, consulted for the WWF and Neal's Yard and runs a range of courses, walks and workshops in Herbal Medicine and plants.

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Women's Health

Julia has a special interest and expertise in women’s health and wellbeing. As well as supporting women of all ages she also runs specialist women’s courses, workshops and retreats.

As a general practitioner Julia works with women experiencing difficulty with some symptoms around the menopause, and sees the effect menopause can have upon women’s physical, mental and emotional health; and how this in turn can impact upon their ability to deal with daily life, their relationships with family and friends, and their work. All these aspects need to be considered when using herbs to promote healing.

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Medicinal Plants

Here medical herbalist Julia Behrens shares with us her expert knowledge of the medicinal properties of certain trees. Whilst walking in woodland, Julia tells us how she draws both on traditional medical beliefs and modern scientific research to help heal patients using specific parts of trees such as lime flowers, oak bark and hawthorn berries. Julia also speaks about how plant utilisation and conservation need to co-exist.

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Reset your Hormones’ Functional Health Workshop

Reset your Hormones’ Functional Health WorkshopAn informative and fun workshop, in conjunction with Tanya Borowski, Nutritionist, where you’ll learn how to: • Balance hormones with key nutrients and herbs • Control your blood sugar for optimal energy, weight management and sleep • Avoid toxins that disrupt hormones • Support your liver, gut and skin naturally…


MenoheavenMenoheaven are 3 day retreats for women facing, experiencing or curious about the menopause. I will be bringing my knowledge of how herbs can support and help women at this significant stage, taking workshops and leading group sessions.  Alongside me will be nutritionist & chef Daphne Lambert, yoga teacher Gratia Churchill, homeopath Caroline Gaskin and…

FREE Detox Workshop For Men and Women

FREE Detox Workshop For Men and Women Give yourself an uplifting New Year treat with this refreshing detox workshop run by medical herbalist Julia Behrens and cookery teacher & Kitchen Therapy innovator Charlotte Hastings. They will look at herbal teas and foods used in detoxing and explore individual plants and oils that can improve a…

Woodland Gift-Making Workshop

Woodland Gift Making WorkshopJoin us around the campfire and make some beautiful, thoughtful, natural, handmade gifts for all the family. Bath salts, lip balms, massage oils, hand creams, infused oils and mulled wine spice and more. All beautifully bottled and presented. Forest school crafts and play for little ones. With warm drinks and marshmallows around…