First visit (1  hour) £60

Follow up visits (½ hour) £40

Initial Lyme consultation (2hr) £130 

Please note an extra fee may be charged for home visits.

After an initial consultation in person phone consultations are available depending on your condition.  Normally about £40 for 20 minutes.

Skype consultations may be available dependent on your condition. These need to be paid in advance of Skype call.

(Please note there is a 48 hour notice for cancellation. Otherwise patients, will incur the room booking fee)


Typical costs are around £8-10 for 100ml.

Costs can vary considerably depending upon your condition and the prescription (e.g. cream, tinctures, tablets etc.)

90% of the herbs that I use are organic.
All the herbs are from sustainable and traceable sources and none of the herbs used are endangered. I make many of the preparations myself.


1 hour massage £50

Massage and follow up consultation    £60
(A full herbal consultation is needed prior to this)

Lyme Disease Consultations - Please visit the Lyme Disease page for more information

First visit £35   -  Follow up visits £25   (If you are concerned about costs please don't hesitate to contact me.) 

Postage charges  -  are posted first class.  The charge is the cost of postage plus a nominal packing fee. 

Dispensary Fee without consultation  -  £2 - £3 (depending on prescription)