In terms of your herbal prescription, usually herbs are taken as tinctures in warm water before food.  However, this may change fortnightly or in response to your requirements.

You may be prescribed a combination of herbs and lifestyle changes.   Claims cannot be made as to their efficacy as clinical trials have not been carried out on combinations or formulas. 

During your first consultation I take details about your past and present medical history, diet, lifestyle and any medication you may be already taking.  I also take your blood pressure and recommend any further tests or referrals that are appropriate to your condition.  This takes approximately an hour, sometimes two for Lyme’s clients .

After the consultation we agree an appropriate treatment and if required a follow up appointment, usually between 2-4 weeks later.  This allows us both to monitor your progress and if needed adjust the treatment plan as appropriate or in response to any test results.

The herbal treatment will then be prepared at Julia’s dispensary at the Albion clinic (based in Brighton) and sent to you. The treatment may come in the form of a tincture, infusion, cream or tablet.

When supporting people with Lyme disease, Julia use her 17 years of working as a medical herbalist to tailor make individual prescriptions, she often uses the Stephen Bruhner Protocol and supports people taking Cowden or Byron White formulas.   Julia regularly works alongside GPs in her Lyme work and will liaise where necessary.