FREE Detox Workshop For Men and Women

Give yourself an uplifting New Year treat with this refreshing detox workshop run by medical herbalist Julia Behrens and cookery teacher & Kitchen Therapy innovator Charlotte Hastings. They will look at herbal teas and foods used in detoxing and explore individual plants and oils that can improve a sluggish digestive system, clear the skin, and leave you with more energy and improved concentration. The workshop will introduce a delicious and nurturing Ayurvedic recipe giving your digestive system a cleansing break as well as tips and ideas to increase flavour and nutrition whilst removing ‘sugar-lust’ into your everyday cooking. By using a de-tox that addresses our whole system – mind, body and spirit - we can help to introduce meaningful and sustainable change, for a happier, healthier you! Sunday January 7th 10am – 12.30pm