I have a special interest and expertise in women’s health and wellbeing. As well as supporting women of all ages I also run courses, workshops and retreats.


As a general practitioner Julia works with women experiencing difficulty with some symptoms around the menopause, and sees the effect menopause can have upon women’s physical, mental and emotional health; and how this in turn can impact upon their ability to deal with daily life, their relationships with family and friends, and their work. All these aspects need to be considered when using herbs to promote healing.

Woman’s suffering tends to be internalised, leading to loss of self-esteem, and a decreased feeling of general well-being which can then result in low energy, guilt and depression.

Better understanding our cycles enables us to be in touch with ourselves and remind us how our emotional landscape and energy levels are affected by physical changes.

Many plants can have a positive effect on the woman’s cycle and herbs have always been important as a woman’s way of healing.

It is important that the treatment is safe and free from side-effects in the long term and that any underlying causes of the discomfort are explored.

By providing a safe and nurturing space, we will identify and explore herbal options  and strategies which will enable you to make choices appropriate to you health and natural ways of dealing with symptoms of menopause.

“Menopause affects millions of women, and its symptoms can severely upset a woman’s day to day life.” Professor Mark Baker, Centre for Clinical Practice Director at NICE (National Institute for Health & Care Excellence).

"Around 80% of women experience some symptoms, which typically continue for around 4 years after the last period. But for around 10% of women, symptoms can last for up to 12 years. These symptoms range from hot flushes and vaginal dryness to long-term conditions including osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.  A recently opened public consultation on the diagnosis and management of menopause by NICE stated that “The effects of menopause are often misunderstood and underestimated… When women seek medical help for their symptoms, there is considerable variation in what is offered to them…(and recommends) tests (that) can be used to diagnose menopause, and advice on offering holistic, individualised care that takes into account the woman’s symptoms and preferences.”   NICE 1/6/15.

How herbs have helped me!

“My hot flushes disappeared over night I couldn’t believe it”

"The herbs made such a difference to my night sweats they went in 4 days I feel more energized now I’m not waking at night and not  so irritable”

“I am a nurse and was suffering with menopause symptoms I could not  take HRT because of headaches and a clotting disorder so had to find an alternative. A friend recommended Julia she really helped me with both problems. I don’t have any headaches or night sweets any more and have loads more energy.”

“I came to see Julia at a time when I felt I'd tried every avenue to address my early menopause symptoms and was exhausted, weepy and ungrounded.  I have now been seeing her regularly for about 3 years. Over this time, I've felt incredibly lucky to have met her, not only for her wealth of medicinal herbal knowledge, but also her hugely positive and 'big picture' outlook. I've found her insight into the plant world an invaluable ally and have noticed my health and well being steadily improve over this time. I always look forward to seeing her and trust her knowledge implicitly. Combining herbal tinctures alongside massage has been a fantastic and nourishing way to get to the bottom of what I (my body and being) really needed.”