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Herbal Workshop for Parents

This workshop is for Parents who have young children 2yrs – 10yrs

This is a new community venture which is hoping to ignite interest in self-care. The emphasis will be on treating simple childhood illness with natural remedies, things you can do safely at home. The short 2-week course is run by Julia Behrens and Maud Fremantle both locally practising herbalists who have worked at Neal’s Yard Remedies.

We will cover:

Coughs and colds; sleep disturbances; digestive and skin conditions.

You will learn:

• How to use medical plants safely.

• What the plants look and taste like and what form the medicines come in.

• How to use plants.

• How to make a simple remedy.

The plants we will focus on have not only been used historically as cures but their use strengthens the body in the face of future health problems.

The course is intended for general information only and is not a substitute for diagnosis from a qualified and experienced health professional. Any serious health concerns should be evaluated by your GP.


Venue: The Phoenix community centre, 2 Phoenix Pl, Brighton BN2 9ND

Dates: 9th May & 16th May    Time: 1pm -2.30 pm (1.5 hrs)

The cost is on a sliding scale £15 – £20.

To book or for further information contact: