Herbal Consultation

With a degree in Herbal medicine and over 20yrs of practise, I regularly work along side Gp’s using a multi systemic approach to healing, I support people who experience a wide and complex range of aliments. Treating the whole person not just the symptoms.

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Herbal medicine

Recent research has led to new understanding of the importance of herbal medicine and how it can be used as preventative, supportive and along side conventional medicine. I also run specialist practical workshops and retreats to ensure on going support needed to improve wellbeing.

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Here I share my knowledge of medicinal plants whilst walking in woodland and parks, I explain how I draw on both traditional medincal beliefs and modern scientific research to help heal patients using specific roots, berries, flowers and barks. Encourgaing you to harvest what you need!

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Exploring Lyme Disease

Exploring Lyme Disease Workshop with Julia Behrens, Medical Herbalist and Daphne Lambert, Nutritionist. Lymes disease is becoming more common as the ticks harbouring the Borella spirochete spread. Julia has supported people with Lyme disease for over 20 years and during the day will share with you her in depth understanding of the complexities of this…

Reset your Hormones’ Functional Health Workshop

Reset your Hormones’ Functional Health WorkshopAn informative and fun workshop, in conjunction with Tanya Borowski, Nutritionist, where you’ll learn how to: • Balance hormones with key nutrients and herbs • Control your blood sugar for optimal energy, weight management and sleep • Avoid toxins that disrupt hormones • Support your liver, gut and skin naturally…


MenoheavenMenoheaven are 3 day retreats for women facing, experiencing or curious about the menopause. I will be bringing my knowledge of how herbs can support and help women at this significant stage, taking workshops and leading group sessions.  Alongside me will be nutritionist & chef Daphne Lambert, yoga teacher Gratia Churchill, homeopath Caroline Gaskin and…